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CUPSS Asset Management Software Installation, Configuration, and Training

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CUPSS software is a Windows software program from the United States EPA. It is recommended under the Sustainable Infrastructure program for Water and Wastewater Asset Management to the minimum standards suggested by the EPA. The software is a free download. We offer installation, configuration, and training services to get you started quickly and efficiently. CUPSS has the following modules:

My Inventory
Allows users to identify and characterize their water system's assets. Users can modify a pre-populated set of assets or add new assets, which helps prioritize maintenance activities and better manage revenue for repair and replacement of assets.
My O&M (Operations and Maintenance)
Allows users to create and track current, future, and past operation and maintenance activities. The module records the status and history of each task, alerts users if the task status is past due, and alerts the user to reassess the asset condition if maintenance is not performed as scheduled.
My Finances
Helps users determine the full costs of doing business and calculate how much is needed for full recovery. This knowledge gives users the ability to discuss their needs within the context of a community budget. The user can calculate the annual costs of asset rehabilitation and replacement by providing the current year's budget and the previous year’s financial statement (what was actually spent).
My Check Up
CUPSS generates two customizable reports: "My Asset Check Up" and "My Financial Check Up." The user can enter information to create targeted reports that will help them manage assets and plan for the future.
Assembles an asset management plan into a pre-defined template that has been pre-populated with the information and calculations entered by the user. CUPSS allows the user to export the developed plan as a Word document for modification and review.

We have completed the US EPA course to be an official trainer of the US EPA CUPSS (Check Up Program for Small Systems) Asset Management Software. The software is free, but some small utilities need expert help installing, configuring, and training their staff. We offer training and setup in the states of Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Kentucky.

Pricing varies depending on your computer setup, single PC or Server based setup,  utility location and overnight travel cost, and number of trainees. Please contact us for a quote. We offer this training ONLY in the states of OH, IN, MI, and KY.

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Complimentary Products:

CUPSS is not a true GIS mapping program, but is primarily a spreadsheet and database program. It does have a section where you can draw very basic system diagrams (not to scale). We offer the iPad application WaterPoint Network, that can collect your inventory data in the field for easier import into CUPSS, as well as collect field asset management data and work orders to enter your Asset Management activities in O&M. For small utilities they make a great combination for a complete system. Find out more about WaterPoint Network. We offer a reduced price for CUPSS training when bundled with the WaterPoint Network Plan and training is combined.

We can also help convert and import asset inventory data for CUPSS from other sources. Call  for a consultation.

CUPSS Trainer Certificate - Mark Beatty - Ohio and Michigan


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