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(6 Pack) Magnetic Valve Box Lid Lifting Tools for Water or Gas Utilities, MVB-24 (carton of 6)

Utility Technologies

  • $594.00

Magnetic Valve Box Lid Lifter Tool

(Save $20 each on a carton of 6 units over the single unit price of $119)

This is a 24" long magnetic valve box lid lifter with a super strong Neodymium permanent magnetic end. The magnet has a 249 lb rated lifting capacity(1) that easily lifts standard 4 to 6" cast iron or steel valve box lids out of the valve box. The shaft is 3/4" solid steel, with a welded railroad spike T-handle. The spike end of the handle can be used for prying stuck lids, the head end can be used to hammer rusted lids loose.

  • 24" long solid steel shaft reduces bending over.
  • Very strong rare earth neodymium magnet for lid lifting
  • Permanent magnet retains pick up power for the life of the tool
  • T-Handle can be used for hammering or prying stuck lids
  • Just tilt 45 degrees to easily slide off of the lid
  • Steel shell protects magnetic pickup end
  • Model MVB-24 by Utility Technologies
  • An extra strong version with 60% stronger magnet is also available, MVB-24XS

Video Demonstration:

Magnetic ends are user replaceable. Call for replacement magnet kits.

(1) Magnet industry ratings are by pull power of flat sheet steel. Rough surfaces of valve box will be somewhat less. However, the magnet size is optimized for average 5-1/2" Iron valve boxes.


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