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H2o Analytics - Water System Management Software

H2O Analytics

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H2O Analytics is a software package that helps water utilities better manage their system. It can pull data from multiple sources including GIS, Metering, Utility Billing, Customer Service systems, SCADA, Leak Detection Systems, and public sources such as county auditor property records, National Weather Bureau, and other sources. The data can be analyzed together to provide detailed useful information for the following three modules:

  • Water Loss Management Module - The water loss management module can map data from metering systems, leak logger systems, work orders, and SCADA systems to map and monitor potential water loss and visualize the data on GIS maps and dashboards. The module can help manage district metering zones to narrow losses to particular areas, and provide near real time leak detection with AMI systems.
  • Conservation Module - The Conservation module can help monitor and promote water conservation and limit water loss and leaks. It can be used to show end users their usage patterns for conservation recommendations, enforcement, or longer term water use patterns.
  • Customer Communication Module - This module has a both a dashboard and a mobile field interface. You an schedule logical customer communication of events such as flushing programs and water outages as well as past due bills, payment confirmations, or expiring credit cards. The field interface allows geofencing communications to specific customers on a map for events like area hydrant flushing, boil water advisories, or other geographic events. Field staff can also see customer water use patterns in the field for enhanced customers service and leak, high use, or conservation data.

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