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Pole Camera for Manhole, Valve Box, Catch Basin, and Pipeline Inspection V5-TS1308D

Utility Technologies

  • $1,295.00

Utility Inspection Pole Camera

Quickly inspect hard to reach and places that would otherwise require confined space gear. record video and/or still photos for utility asset management and inspection programs:

  • PIpes and tubing
  • Valve boxes
  • Meter vaults
  • Manholes
  • Catch Basins
  • Water storage tanks
  • Inside or tops of vac trucks or dump trucks

This pole camera will allow you to quickly inspect valve boxes or pipe that are hard to see into. The lighted end will illuminate for video and still photos. Avoid confined space requirements for preliminary checks of manholes, catch basins, or meter vaults. The waterproof end can allow you to read meters or look at piping, fittings, or valves in meter vaults or pits that are underwater without pumping it out. Great for the small jobs where dragging out a large sewer camera is difficult and time consuming. Fits behind the seat of most pickup trucks, Hard case allows storage or transport in the bed of a pickup truck or van or with other gear without damaging the camera.


  • Camera:
    • Waterproof/Weatherproof IP68
    • Video or Sill image camera
    • 46mm Dia. camera head / 23mm Lens
    • 12 White adjustable output LED lights in head
    • High Def 480P
    • View angle 120 degrees
  • Telescopic pole
    • 1.6m (5') to 3m (10') pole
    • 4 joints, aluminum alloy
    • Rotating joint to level picture
    • Flexible end to view at angles
  • Controller/DVR Monitor
    • Monitor 5" TFT LCD Color (800 x 600)
    • 12v 1500 mA rechargeable battery (6 hr working time)
    • DVR controller with video, audio, photo, recording & playback functions
    • Removeable SD card (64GB max)
    • Ditial clock/calendar
    • Battery level lights
    • LED brighness control
    • Microphone on/off
    • Video output to another screen
    • Rotating joint to level picture
    • Built in Li-ion battery
  • Foam lined hard storage case

Please allow 3-5 weeks delivery. Tracking number sent upon shipment.

Other Technical Specs:

Technology: Infrared
Sensor: CMOS
Special Features: Waterproof / Weatherproof
Connectivity: IP/Network Wired
Sensor Brand: SONY
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP or newer
Type: Video Camera
High Definition: 480P(SD)
Style: Bullet Camera
Model Number: V5-TS1308D
Lens (mm): 23mm
waterproof: IP68
camera diameter: 23mm
LED lights: 12pcs high light white LED lights
view angle: 120 degree
storage medium: SD memory card
monitor size: 5 inch TFT LCD color monitor
battery: 12V 1500mA rechargeable li-ion battery
pole length: 1.67m to 3m
service: OEM / ODM
type: telescopic pole camera

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