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Sewerin Aquatest T-10 Acoustic Leak Locator - SDR Wireless Kits


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AquaTest T-10

Robust test rod for electro-acoustic water leak detection outdoors

The AquaTest T10 is a test rod with innovative technology and ergonomic design. Its strength lies in the pre-location of leaks in water pipe networks.

The AquaTest T10 is the first test rod made by SEWERIN for which no additional receiver is required. The headphones are activated not by any common key but by a special sensor area. The noises that are picked up are visualized on a display incorporated in the handle.

In the product variant with the SDR radio module, the test rod can be used with radio headphones. This means no more cables to get in the way. Link to Wired Headphone version


  • Innovative combination of electronic amplifier and test rod without interfering cables
  • Ergonomic design ensures non-tiring operation
  • Robust construction for use outdoors
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries
  • Outstanding noise quality, using high-performance microphone technology
  • Meaningful visualization of the noises in the display, to support the operator
  • No irritating operating noises in the headphones, thanks to the new type of sensor area
  • Individual adjustment of the filter bands and volume / hearing protection setting for optimum noise recognition
  • Two product variants are available - This listings is for the SDR radio module in three different kits with SDR (Sewerin Digital Wireless) Headphones. See a separate page for the version with standard wired headphones.
  • Available Kits - There are three different kits available, each with or without SDR wireless headphones.
    • Basic/Standard Kit - Includes wired or wireless test rod and wired or wireless Headset, Test Tip, 600mm (23.5") Test rod extension, Car and AC chargers, and T-10 Vinyl Carry bag. The Probe end can be used to listen to valves, Pipes, and hydrants, or probed into the ground.
    • Complete Kit - Includes all items in the basic kit plus a tripod base resonance plate and another 300mm (11.75") test rod extension for deep pits. The tripod works well on uneven surfaces and grassy areas.
    • Pro Kit - Includes all items in the Complete Kit, plus a T10 wind protected microphone with rubber cover that sits flat on hard surfaces.

Aquatest T-10 SDR Wireless Kits Include:

  • Aquatest T-10 Wireless Test Rod sensor/mic with T10 Test Tip
  • Sewerin Digital Wireless (SDR) Headphones
  • AC/DC charge adapters 110v and 12v vehicle adapter
  • Test rod extension (600mm | 23.5")
  • Vinyl heavy duty carry bag with custom cut foam liner
  • Test rod extensions (300mm | 11.75") (Complete and Pro Kits)
  • M10 Tripod Base (Complete and Pro Kits)
  • Wind Protected Microphone (Pro Kit)

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