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AMR/AMI/Touch Read Meter Reading Remote Cable, Copper 3-Wire, Terminal End

Kemp Meek

  • $5.95

3-Conductor Meter Reading Wire Cable
For AMR/AMI, Touch Read, and Digital Remote Registers
  • 3 Wire Cable for Automatic Meter Reading Devices, Touchpad Touchread Meter Reading or Remote Encoder Registers
  • This works with Kemp-Meek digital remotes, but it will work with ANY 3 wire AMR or AMI radio remote system
  • One end has factory installed round terminals for screw attachment to register. Other end is plain.
  • 3 Conductor Cable with Grey outer Sheath
  • Industry standard Red, Black, and Green wires
  • Stranded copper wires
  • AWG 22 Shielded Copper cable
  • Available in 10', 25', and 50' coils

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