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64 Seconds Leak Locator and Asset Management Products

We represent 64 Seconds product line in the states of Ohio and Michigan. This is a suite of products that can be used individually separately, or work seamlessly together.

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WaterPoint Network

WaterPoint Network, or WPN (latest version WPN2)  is a cloud based Apple iPad app for managing water, wastewater, and storm water utilities. It combines the functions of GIS mapping, Asset Management, Water Loss Management, Utility Reporting, and in-the-field data collection. The app seamlessly communicates wirelessly with the PLD acoustic Pipeline Leak Detector and/or the LNC Leak Noise Correlator.

GIS Mapping - For small utilities, WPN can be 

Asset Management - This one app can be used to managed the following asset management functions, and many others as well

  • Water Distribution Examples:
    • Fire Hydrant Flushing Program
    • Fire Hydrant Painting & Maintenance
    • Valve Exercising Program and Valve Box cleanout maintenance
    • Backflow Testing
    • Water Meter Change-out Project
  • Wastewater Collection Examples
    • Manhole Checks and Clean-outs
    • Pipe Repair and lining
    • Cross connection testing for Storm water
    • Smoke or Dye Testing Programs for infiltration
  • Storm water Examples
    • Catch Basin Inspection and clean out program
  • All Utilities:
    • Satellite Photo Imagery
    • Import/Export with other GIS Systems (shape files, CSV)
    • Work Order Integration
    • Asset Condition Assessment (coming soon)
    • Media
      • Photo Documentation of Assets and Maintenance 
      • Audio Documentation of Leak noise
  • WPN2 Has now been released - Now works with the iPhone and iPod Touch as well as the iPad

Learn more about WPN

WaterPoint Network Plan

WaterPoint Network is an app available free for testing and evaluation on the Apple App Store. However, to take full advantage of reporting, security, backup, and mulit-user functionality, it requires a subscription to a WPN Plan. The Plan is a cloud based service that adds the following to the WPN App.

  • One, Three, or Five Year Cloud Server/Support Service Agreement, renewable.
  • On-site Initial Training (One day)
  • Technical Support for the term selected (telephone, email, online documentation)
  • Initial import of existing GIS data (optional if available) in Shape file format
  • Data Security
    • Off site backup in secure data center with past  data archives
    • Managed Server (Amazon Web Services Data Center)
    • User Access by password login and 3 user levels
  • Unlimited Users - The WPN Plan pricing is based on service connections, not users. There is no per device fee.
  • Future Proofing - All software updates are included while on the plan
  • Data ownership - The utility always owns their data. If you don't renew, you can export for use in standard CSV format.
  • Data Export - Data can be exported in CSV spreadsheet format to Excel, or any other GIS, Work order, Asset Management, or other database or reporting package.
  • Premium Services Available (at extra cost)
    • Additional periodic on-site training
    • Data Conversion of non-GIS shapefile data formats (CAD, kml, etc.) - Third Party service offered by Utility Technologies
    • Third Party GIS data Sync - Periodic Synchronization with other GIS software databases.
    • Hardware Purchase - iPads, Rugged cases, etc. (You can also purchase from your local electronics store, cellular dealer, or state purchasing contract.
  • Hardware Requirements:
    • iPad 3 or above, regular or mini with 4G LTE
    • Mobile data from any provider (dedicated plan or shared data with smart phone)

Learn more about the WPN Plan

WaterPoint PLD

WaterPoint PLD Leak LocatorThe PLD is a wireless acoustic leak locator. It consists of a leak sensor with a magnetic end that can be attached to a hydrant, meter setter, or valve key to detect, filter, and evaluate acoustic leak noise. It includes a removable handle and resonance plate for listening for leak noise on the ground above buried pipe and service lines. It also includes a stainless steel probe for ground penetration and high quality headset. The sensor can communicate wirelessly with a free Apple IOS app. The user can use on existing Apple iPhones, or iPads, or optionally purchase an Apple iPod Touch with it. 

The app is designed to be user friendly with little skill needed. The software has three built in filters to choose from: Contact for direct contact with pipe or hydrants, Ground, or non-direct contact on grass or pavement, and Plastic, a special filter optimized for PVC, HDPE, or other non-metallic pipes and tubing. The user touches the record button, and the leak noise is analyzed. A bar graph is shown with the current and previous two recordings, and a numeric value is assigned. The app uses the sophisticated audio processing capabilities of Apple products to filter out non-leak sound, and to protect the user from loud ear damaging noise.

When used with the WaterPoint Network App, the PLD has additional features. It can permanently record the leak audio to the asset management asset being listened to for future use in leak surveys and setting a basis for the system sound when there are no leaks. It can also record leak history to a leak map for system analysis.

Learn More about the PLD

WaterPoint LNC

WaterPoint LNC Leak Noise CorrelatorThe LNC is a Leak Noise Correlator. It is also a Leak Noise Logger. It uses the WaterPoint Network Software as the basis, and has additional GIS integration when used with the WaterPoint Network Plan (WPN Plan)

LNC without a WPN Plan

The LNC uses a single user version of WPN for software, without the WPN Plan and Cloud Services, and all data will be resident on the iPad. Users can use an existing Apple iPad with the system, or purchase one specficially for it. It does not have to be a dedicated device. If the utility is using a third party GIS system without WPN, the utility may optionally have existing GIS data imported into WPN for Correlation use. Without existing data, the user can create data in the field with the iPad or correlate leaks without interaction with mapped data.

LNC SoftwareLNC with WPN

When the LNC is used with a full WPN Plan, the LNC pulls data from the GIS system to speed correlation. The following data does not have to be entered if in GIS

  • Sensor Locations - Locations are matched with GIS assets on the touch screen
  • Sensor Distance - Distance data is automatically pulled from the scale of items selected on the GIS map.
  • Pipe Type - If the pipe type is entered in the GIS asset data, it does not have to be entered to correlate
  • Pipe Diameter - Pipe diameter is also pulled from the GIS data where available.
  • Leak/Repair mapping - Leak correlations tied to GIS data will automatically be mapped to the GIS Assets.

Reporting - Leak and correlation history can be exported to reports and third party software when the user has a WPN Plan cloud server.

Multi-user Sync and Backup - Leak Correlation data can be sync'd between multiple iPads and backed up in the off-site data center with used with a WPN Plan.

64 Seconds Purchasing and Quotes:

All Quotes come from and purchase orders are made directly to 64 Seconds for standard 

Learn More about the LNC

Additional Utility Technologies, LLC Provided Services:

  • Additional Local On-site Training (After initial training) - Refresher, update, new employees, Third Party Services, etc.
  • Import/Export Data Conversion from non-GIS data sources(other than .shp files)
  • External High Resolution GPS/GIS satellite receiver devices
  • WaterPoint Network and EPA CUPSS Integrations, Migrations, Training