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Kamstrup 5/8" x 3/4" Ultrasonic Water Meter with LCD Remote Display

Utility Technologies

  • $250.00

Kamstrup FlowIQ 2100 Water Meter
5/8" x 3/4" Size
US Gallons Registration with Encoded Output
Includes Visual Read Outside Remote Display

If you need a meter in a hard to read area like a closet, meter pit, vault, confined space, under a cabinet, or up high, this meter can be read with the remote register installed at an easy to read place mounted on a wall or post. The Encoder based register and remote will always have the same reading in gallons, as the remote READS the true reading from the meter to display it. This includes a total of at least 12' of cable, but you can add additional cable for a run of up to 200' between the remote and register.

  • Solid state Ultrasonic meter - no moving parts 
  • LCD digital readout 
  • Wired encoded output (IU-1203, Sensus Protocol), 2' lead
  • 5/8" x 3/4" size (5/8" flow capacity, 3/4" AWWA thread) 
  • Standard 7-1/2" lay length 
  • US Gallons Registration  (meter has 1.773 gallon registration from testing.
  • Display resolution on meter register to 1/100th of a Gallon [0000001.00]
  • Display resolution wired output  - 1 gallon resolution, LCD remote display [00000001]
  • Fiber reinforced Polymer body (250 psi rating)
  • Flexible Installation - Meter Can be installed horizontal, Vertical, upside down, or at any angle. 
  • Normal Flow range 0.1 to 25 GPM  
  • Low Flow recording starts at .015 GPM!
  • High accuracy at all flow rates.
  • Very High accuracy at low flow rates not possible with a mechanical meter.
  • Temperature rating 33F to 140F
  • 20 year battery life from date on register (2017-2036).
  • Meter display LCD Screen Icons
    • FLOW (when water is flowing)
    • LEAK (when no stagnant water detected in a few days)
    • BURST (when a high flow event lasts longer than 30 minutes)
    • TAMPER
    • Gal (programmed registration in US Gallons)
    • Dry (when the flow tube is not filled with water)
    • REVERSE (when a reverse flow is detected)
    • flashing dot (meter is activated to read flow)

Remote Display
  • VL-9M remote LCD visual display 
  • Includes 10' additional cable (we have longer cable in other listings)
  • Permanent battery (typical 7-10 year life)
  • Reads and displays reading on meter when tapping the gold button using the encoder protocol
  • Remote displays the meter read in whole gallons 000001 (meter visually shows three decimals 000001.773 (1/1000 gallon)

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