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Sewerin Glass-fiber Probe Rod for locating PVC and Plastic Pipe, 100m (328') on Reel


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  • $1,666.00

Detection of non-metal pipes

Non-metal pipes can be detected if the glass fibre rod can be inserted into the pipe in question. The rod is equipped with a copper strand so that it can be energized by a pipeline locating system such as FERROPHON® or UtiliTrac® using a generator and then detected using a receiver. In this way, the path of the pipe in question can be determined quickly and exactly to the last meter.

  • 100m Spool of glass-fiber rod with copper core
  • Screw on brass ball end
  • Metal Reel


The optional mini pig transmitter is used for precise determination of the end of the glass fibre rod. This small, battery-operated transmitter generates its own field, which is detected precisely by a receiver. The exact depth can also be measured. The mini pig transmitter can also be used without a glass fibre rod. This makes a wide variety of uses with pipeline cleaning pigs, channel cameras, etc. possible!


  • Mini-pig Sonde Transmitter
  • Sluice fitting
  • Spring End
  • Pipe & Cable locator transmitters/receivers
  • Sonde capable locator for mini-pig transmitter sonde

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