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Water Loss Management and Leak Detection Equipment

Reduce Water Loss - Increase Water Revenue

We have a large range of equipment and software for water loss management and provide consulting services to help water utilities reduce non-revenue water, and the costs associated with water loss and damage repairs and restoration from leaks. We can help you design a plan to detect leaks quickly and accurately on a proactive basis

Our products and service include leak detectors, leak noise correlators, and GIS leak mapping and asset management solutions from 64 Seconds. It also includes leak detectors, leak correlators, leak loggers and gas leak locating devices from Sewerin. We represent H2O Analytics cloud software solution for leak mapping, leak distribution system leak analytics, and water conservation. We do consulting on water loss management programs for utilities that need help developing a program to reduce their non-revenue water loss. We can help develop an asset management plan compliant with Ohio EPA and Michigan DEQ requirements building leak detection and repair activity into the plan.

We provide high tech meters to help increase metered water revenue by choosing the right size and types of water meters.

Call or email us for a free initial consultation at or 513-488-1940.

Sewerin Leak Detection, Leak Locators, Leak Correlators, and Leak Loggers

64 Seconds leak detectors, leak correlators and GIS leak mapping software

H2O Analytics - Analytical Software for Water Utilities - Water Conservation, Water Loss Management, Customer Communications
Kamstrup Ultrasonic Water Meters and Reading Systems