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64 Seconds WaterPoint Network - iPad or iPhone based GIS and Asset Management App

64 Seconds

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WaterPoint Network

WaterPoint Network (WPN2) is a comprehensive utility management system that integrates asset management, leak detection, and work order management in a single iPad app in real time.  Data is securely backed up to WPN cloud servers and synced between multiple users and iPads within the utility, ensuring that everyone is operating at all times with the same up-to-date information. WPN performs the following:

  • GIS Mapping (also imports existing GIS)
  • Geographic Asset Management & Photos
  • Work Orders
  • Issue Reporting
  • Maintenance Activity Reporting
  • Leak Detector and Leak Correlator Interface
  • Water Leak Loss Mapping
  • Reporting
  • Export data to EPA CUPSS Program (for Asset Mgt Financial Projections)


Drinking Water Distribution  -  Wastewater  Collection -  Stormwater
Street Departments - Gas Distribution - Electric Distribution 



Asset information is always at your fingertips:

  • location
  • manufacturer
  • model
  • photos
  • associated activities
  • notes

Map location of utility assets:

  • pipes
  • hydrants
  • valves
  • meters
  • water sources
  • manholes
  • inlets
  • outlets
  • pump stations
  • siphons
  • wiers
  • drop structures


WaterPoint Network allows you to record all maintenance activities including:

  • Installations
  • Flushing
  • General repairs
  • Water quality testing
  • Leak surveys
  • Reported leak investigations

Supervisors and managers can send work orders to crews in the field while tracking

  • Job status
  • Materials
  • Costs. 


All WaterPoint leak detection equipment can be used within WaterPoint Network, allowing the utility to

  • Manage leak surveys
  • Pinpoint leaks
  • Save leak audio recordings
  • Share recordings in real-time
  • 64 Seconds WaterPoint Wireless Leak Locating Equipment Options:
    • WaterPoint PLD Pipeline Leak Detector - Wireless acoustic leak detector for detecting and recording leak noise in direct contact or on the ground above the pipe. Leak audio is recorded to the WPN mapped assets
    • WaterPoint LNC Leak Noise Correlator - Combination Leak Correlator and Leak Logger system. Communicates wireless with the WPN App. Can use GIS data to automatically enter Pipe lengths, material, and diameter to the leak correlation data input calculation table. Leak audio is recorded to the WPN mapped assets.
  • Leak information from Third party leak locators, leak loggers, and leak correlators can be manually entered to assets as activity and work orders, including details of types of leaks and photos of leaks and repairs.
  • All Leak data entered is mapped to the GIS maps for a visual overview of leak history

WaterPoint Network Plan

WaterPoint Network (WPN / WPN2) can be downloaded for free on the Apple iTunes App store for a free one person trial with limited functionality. A WaterPoint Network Plan is required for multiple user sync, cloud backup, tech support and training, reporting, and importing/exporting of GIS and asset data with other GIS systems. Plans are available for 1, 3, o 5 year renewable terms. Pricing is based on the number of water service connections the utility has, so there is no per user or per device software license to limit who has access to your data, other than the cost of an IOS mobile device (iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, or iPod Touch). See the page on WaterPoint Network Plan for more information on what is included in the service agreement.

WPN2 Upgrade - WaterPoint Network Version 2.0 has been released and is a major upgrade. Current WPN Plan users should contact 64 Seconds to have your data moved to the upgraded app and discuss any training needs. WPN2 Now also works on iPhones as well as iPads!

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